Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chocolate Pudding

Well, hoping for more sun this week. Last week after three days of indoor recess we were all climbing the walls. Heading into the first five-day week since last June, trying to stay upbeat about it. Hoping we all make. It through together.
Friday included a surprise of yummy fries from a local pizza shop. They were the prize from a bet I won. I was glad I won because winning meant I had connected with the parent of a troubled student. It was a win win for me because it meant I could not only help the student but the parent as well.
Went to a bus stop Friday morning to investigate a parent complaint. Now the kids want me to come every day ( not happening). Fortunately it wasn't cold or raining, but there are a lot of challenging children at this stop. God bless the bus driver:)
Looking to keep getting to know the kids by name, it is a long slow process. I certainly know my kindergarten friends well and I am awed and amazed by the kindergarten staff every day. Note to self though, don't wear white and then visit kindergarten/first grade lunch. I help open all kinds of packages and containers, and while the hugs are great, their little hands are often a bit messy. I had a little boy on Friday who ate his pudding out of the container it was in without the aid of any type of utensil. Of course it was chocolate pudding and he literally had it from ear to ear. What a mess! But he was happy as could be.
Have a great week!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Adventures of a First Year Elementary Principal

Welcome to my blog.  Please join me on my adventures as a first year principal in an elementary school.  I have been an educator for 22 years, but this is my first stint with the little ones.  Most of my career has been spent with middle school kids.  I wanted to preserve my first year in the building and thought it would be fun to share it with others.  I chose the title (You Can't Make this Stuff Up), because in the field of education no two days are ever the same and truth is also stranger than fiction.  No Hollywood movie producer or novelist could come up with some of the wacky things educators deal with on a regular basis. Here are some of the highlights from the first two weeks of school:
- the great east coast earthquake of 2011 hit during our Kindergarten orientation.
-Hurricane Irene threatened to delay the start of school.
-I spent most of the first week helping with crying Kindergartners
-I had a little boy put loose asphalt in his mouth.
- I had two little Kindergarten girls get into trouble for refusing to do their work.
- The play ground started to come apart from the rain getting underneath it.
- There is a major leak in the office from all of the rain.
-There were reports of a coyote on the loose on the first day of school.

Those are just a few of the highlights, I will elaborate on them more when I have time.  I am looking forward to you sharing your fun or not so fun experiences with me.  This is a great chance to share with people who know you aren't crazy,  because you just can't make this stuff up!